Events & Classes



Come and learn about concrete! In this workshop you will the basic parts in the concrete process, including how to design, form, color, pour and finish concrete.  All of these fundamentals will be applied to designing and pouring your own concrete clock! Participants will be able to add their own design element to the front of the clock, as well as personalize their clock through different pigment choices in the concrete. Each clock will be approximately 6”w x 6”l x 2”d. The instructors of this workshop are Brady + Shan, the people behind ardor home goods. They love concrete, and minimal modern home decor, and they want to share their passion with you.

Check out their pieces at @ardor.home  - 1st Session - January 26th 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm  - 2nd Session - January 27th 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm 


canadian style acrylic painting

Come and learn a Canadian style painting technique in acrylic with Robynn Olson. In this workshop you will paint one of Robynn’s pieces along with her - a hands on, visual and fun way of learning! She will give tips on use of colour, her process of layering on paint, brush techniques and other useful tips for a beginner with acrylics.



Come and learn the basics of hand embroidery, making your own Christmas ornament. We are going to be learning how to transfer a design into the fabric, different stitches and how to turn your hoop into a beautiful ornament.

Hand embroidery is a way to disconnect and connect with yourself, if you are a lover of crafting you know what I mean.



In this class you will be creating a pencil and business card holder. You will learn how to use the table saw, drill press, belt sander and various other small hand tools. You will gain understanding of what tools are used for in the wood shop and how to safely use them. In order to use the wood shop, this class is required.  *We ask that you wear closed toed shoes and long hair must be tied up. Ear plugs and safety glasses will be provided.



Have a great idea for a t-shirt, want to make it? and learn how to make other custom one off shirts?   In Heat Transfer you will learn how to make your own custom heat transfer and apply them to t-shirts.



In this course you will learn how to print textiles using plastisol inks on a four colour silkscreen press, as well as the proper curing methods. You will leave this class with your very own Makerspace shirt that you printed and the knowledge necessary to print your own designs! All materials are provided in class!



Adobe Illustrator is a powerful software that we use a lot here at Makerspace. Illustrator can be used to create projects on our laser cutter, decal cutter, CNC router, silkscreen, and is also used for basic/advanced graphic designs.



Have you always wanted to learn how to make a t-shirt?.

During this workshop, basics such as threading and operating your machine will be covered, as well as more intermediate techniques such as hemming knits and attaching a neckband. All skill levels welcome.


3d Design 101

Learn the basics of 3D design using Fusion 360. This class will teach you the basic tools to design projects for 3D printers, CNC routers, and laser cutters. 



The lathe is a classic wood shop tool, however it takes a little more learning and practice to master. Once you're comfortable on the lathe it can be quite a relaxing tool to use. In this class you will learn how to safely operate the lathe, in turn, helping you create your own small candle holder. This will teach you the basics of chisel handling and chuck usage.  *We ask that you wear closed toed shoes and long hair must be tied up. Ear plugs and safety glasses will be provided.



ZAPP ZAPP! One of our all time favourite tools in the space! The laser cutter is a powerful machine because of all the different types of applications it has. In this class you will have a chance to learn the basics of designing for laser cutting. You will also learn how to safely operate the laser cutter! A basic understanding of adobe illustrator is not required but definitely an asset!



Have you ever wondered where those crazy shaped stickers come from? Are you trying to push your small company and want a creative, but affordable, way to promote yourself? The decal cutter is the answer to both of the above questions. In this class you will be taught about the basics of designing for the decal cutter. You will leave the class with your very own custom designed one colour decal!



In this class you will be learning the basics of designing for the CNC router. This machine is a beast. It is able to cut materials that are 8 feet long and 5 feet wide. By the end of the class you will have a basic understanding about how to safely operate the machine. The next step will be dreaming up crazy things that you will be able to make on it!  *We ask that you wear closed toed shoes and long hair must be tied up. Ear plugs and safety glasses will be provided. 



The 3D Printer is a quickly advancing technology that is blowing people's minds on the daily! In this class you will learn how to print simple objects from the website Thingiverse on a Makerbot Replicator.



mend your jeans 

Make do and mend! Bring life back into your old jeans, extend the life of your favorite jeans, and learn how to customize your most worn garment. All materials included. If you have a pair of jeans that need mending, bring them with you!


In this class you will learn how to design for a 2 colour print, how to expose 2 screens and what mesh size to use, as well as the alignment of these 2 screens to help us get perfect registration.   This class requires you to have taken the Silk Screen 101 class already.

Electronics 101

In this class you'll learn all you need to know about electronics to get started with tinkering. You'll learn about passive components (LEDS, Capacitors, Resistors, etc.), Integrated circuits, and how todo basic soldering. At the end of the class we'll build a simple volume-measuring device using what we've learned about everything in class. No experience required.

cnc router 102 

Come learn the basics of 3D milling using the ShopBot CNC. This course will teach you how to prepare for a 3D milling project, set up the CNC machine, and how to finish the job. You must have taken CNC 101 and you must be familiar with using the CNC

blacksmithing 101 

Before being able to hammer out things like sculptures, swords, and railings a blacksmith must first learn the basics. Things like proper hammer control, striking form, heat control are just some of those basis stepping stones a blacksmith needs to learn and understand before moving on to the big projects. In this course you will learn the basics of blacksmithing and be given the time to practice them. Before you learn to run, you must learn to walk. This course gives you the building blocks and techniques for you to be able to take the next step after mastering the basics.

doodles & noodles 

This is an art collective where we will doodle, chat and eat ramen. Coffee and ramen will be provided, bring a bowl, a mug, and assorted art supplies to doodle what you want.

Map Making Workshop

Where are YOUR roots? Come spend come time with ROOTED Cabinetry & Design as we show you how to make your own Saskatoon map, complete with a laser engraved, personal identity marker. We will show you how to cut, sand, laser etch, color, and oil your own map for a truly unique, personalized piece!


Come build your own 3D printer at Makerfaire with Saskatoon Makerspace!   All you have to bring is yourself! Each 3D printer kit includes everything you need to have a working 3D Printer. You will learn how to assemble the frame, install the electronics, and program the printer.  

NOTE: Children under 16 must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

Hand Lettering with @Kerpanistan

In this class you will learn the basics of creating your own lettering by using simple shapes and math.  Each person will leave with their own personalized chalkboard sign.  Come with your own quote to write (3-5 words), or one will be provided.  

3d Design For Kids 

Tinkercad for kids: 3D Design isn’t just for adults! Kids ages 10-16 will spend an afternoon learning about Tinkercad in a fun, creative and inclusive environment.

In depth 3D Design 

his is an in-depth instruction on 3D Design and Fusion 360. Classes will take place on 4 CONSECUTEIVE SUNDAYS, from 10am-2:30pm each week. (April 15, April 22, April 29 and May 6) 

Spoon Carving 

Learn how to carve spoons with Joel from Burntwood Makery. This will be a fun time with good coffee and great company! Joel has been carving for a long time and wants to share some tricks of the trade with you!  

Custom Light up Sign

Things that light up are cool! Things that you make that light up are even more cool. In this class you will design, cut and assemble your own custom table top light up sign! We will be using basic hand tools and the lasercutter!


How cool would it be to skate something you built? How about you come to our build your own skateboard workshop and find out! Learn how to make a skateboard from start to finish. Get your woodshop 101 So you can come back and build more. In this workshop we will be learning the basics of how to glue and press your deck.